Welcome to Acupuncture!

We want you to be as comfortable as possible during your first appointment. These guidelines will help ensure that you have a pleasant experience:

- Please refrain from wearing any perfume or scented lotions or hair products

- Please turn off your cell phones prior to entering the clinic

- For your comfort, wear loose clothing if possible.


Bring to Your Appointment:

- Please make sure you have completed new patient paperwork online or come in 15-20 minutes prior to your appointment time to fill it out at our clinic.  Paperwork takes some time to complete; please allow enough time before your appointment to finish.

- Your insurance card if you are using insurance.

- If you are coming in using insurance for an accident claim, please provide your claim information at the time you set your appointment, as we will need to get it approved by your insurance adjuster prior to your first appointment. You will also need to get a referral prescription from your primary care doctor for acupuncture containing your diagnosis, how many acupuncture treatments suggested, and how many times per week suggested. Your insurance company will require this before covering your treatment.


What to Expect:

Your response to acupuncture is as individual as you are.  Some common experiences people have during and after receiving treatments are:

- A reduction or elimination of symptoms.

- Energy shifting or moving through the body and redistributing.

- A deep relaxation or sensation of lightness.

- A reduction of tension.

- A sense of well being.

- Sensing needles where none are inserted

- Feeling as if the needles are still inserted after they come out.


After Your Treatment:

- Drink a lot of water.

- Refrain from any strenuous activity.

- Follow through with your treatment plan to ensure lasting results.

- Rarely, a needle site may bruise or ache slightly.

- You may feel groggy after your treatment, so it may be necessary to allow extra time before returning to work if needed.

- Please call if you have any questions or concerns.



We are a provider for many insurance companies. Please call or email us to verify youracupuncture benefits. We regret to inform you that at this time we do not accept OHP, Medicaid or Medicare. Please note that as a courtesy, we offer a Payment At Time Of Service discount. This is an all inclusive rate with no procedure or diagnostic codes.